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Everyone, Anzu. We paired you with everyone.

YGO Rare Pairings
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Bringing to you the rarest of the rare Yugioh pairings.
Welcome to ygo_rare_pair, a community dedicated to the all of the other bajillionity shippings that never seem to get written! As much as we all love puzzle, puppy, pride, and tender shippings, sometimes, we want something different. We're here to help bring a little variety to the YGO fandom.

So what constitutes as a rare pairing? Here, on this comm, we're defining it as any pairing with less than 300 fics. We've got a handy dandy list available with all the pretty numbers on it.

Below are the rules and other boring things that you really ought to read. If it looks like a lot, don't panic; we're just trying to keep things from getting too muddled.

Fic Challenge

1) Once a month, our community holds a fic challenge, running from the 1st-25th. Each challenge is based around the pairings from a letter of the alphabet- for instance our first challenge includes all of the pairings which have names beginning with an 'A'.

2) Make sure to post your entry under an lj cut. No fake cuts please. We don't want to lose your fic to the black hole of the internet.

3) Oneshots and drabbles of all lengths are welcome.

4) There will be an optional prompt for each challenge. This is only for those struggling for ideas and writer's block. You are not required to use it. Honest.

5) iF U typ an entry lyke dis da m0dz wILL tAkE g8t pLEasure IN DeLeTiN iT. Mistakes are all well and good, but really, please no net speak in your entries.

6) Tag your entry with the individual character tags, the pairing tag, and the *fic: challenge entry tag.

7) Voting will take place from the 26th-28th/29th/30/31st. The winner will receive a prize banner.

8) Please use this formatting when entering a fic for the challenge.

Fic Pimpage/Cross Posting/Advertising

1) You know how you write an under written pairing, post it, and hope someone sees it? You are more than welcome to cross post it here. We want to see it. You're doing us a favor by writing/drawing/vidding/iconing/etc it and letting people know about it. No shyness allowed! You post it, dangnabit!

2) Want to recommend others' works? Awesome. Please be sure that you aren't passing it off as your own though. As that's called plagiarism and is very bad and not welcome round these parts.

3) Advertising a comm? So long as it's Yuugiou related, go for it.

4) Please use the following format when cross posting fics and other media.

Fic Request

1) We are closed. Please check back in a few months for the next request.

1). All genres are good to go. Humor, slash, dark, het, angst and everything in between.

2). No ‘seconding’ prompts. It doesn’t get anything done.

3). Responses should be be able to fit in one comment (~800 words). Though I doubt anyone would say 'no' to anything longer!

4). All characters must be of legal/consensual age to be written sexually.

5). Kinks are acceptable. But please remember that we’re not exactly a kink meme. Maybe another time ^^
6). Titles are not necessary. But -implores on bended knees- please title your fics!

7). See a prompt you like but it’s already been filled? No worries. Just make sure you give your fic a handy title so it’s easy to differentiate from the first fic, and go at it.

8). No requesting of the more common pairings (pairings with 300 or more fics). The number’s list is here, if you’re unsure.

9). Anon commenting is on, so even if you don't have a livejournal account, you can still join in the fun :3

General Other Stuff

1) Tag everything! We have an extensive list. Tag your challenge entries, your shameless promotions. Tag them all! In all seriousness, please do tag them. It will make them easier to find.

2) We're focused on Yugioh. Season 0, manga based, sub and dub based material are all welcome here. Please no GX, 5D, Zexal material at this time.

3) LJ cuts are friends, not food. Please use them for any type of fic. We most certainly do want your fic archived here, but our f-lists probably won't like them as much if they take up a huge block of space ^^

4) We are not a kink comm. If you're looking for a kink meme, look here and here. That being said, we're not adverse to more mature works being written, requested, and posted. Please make certain you warn and tag the entry appropriately though.

5) If you write a pairing that doesn't have a shipping name and tag (gasp!), please add it to the Seventh Star Wiki and then PM one of the mods with the link. We have no interest in presiding over a bawl about shipping names. As soon as we see that it's 'official', one of us will add the the name to the pairings list and the tag list.

6) On that note, we're going by the Shipper's List, and then Seventh Star Wiki for the shipping names. We are aware that there are more lists out there; these are what we're going by.

7) Have fun! We realize there are a lot of rules. We're just trying to make it clear and organized so it will be easier to find what you're looking for. We won't bite your head off for little stuff like forgetting to tag an entry or something. Really ^^

And incidentally, if you ever wish to bribe the mods, Koi likes apprentic/avi/citron/kyoudai and Sefina likes heart/outcast/soft/spirit ;P
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